What I do...


Vast and varied experience from the profesional theatre since 1976. From 1985 in capacities like: Acting, directing and writing.

Dynamic and engaged. Result oriented and used to work in hectic enviroments,

I'll produce and deliver on time, I'm good at meeting deadlines. I work well in team as well as on my own.

I'm outgoing, attentive to collegues and with a high degree of "I'll-make-it-work" attitude.

Experience, translations, editing & linguistical-work:

I've done translations, editing and written lyrics since 1995. Most recently: translation of Web pages from English to Norwegian for Schweppes. And text and workbook for a beer-sommelier course for Carlsberg Beweries from Norwegian to English. I have translated manuscripts for tv-soap from Swedish and for childrens tv- program from Danish, both to Norwegian. I've translated Shakespeare to Norwegian and Ibsen to English among other things. Examples of this can be viewed under the menu-tag: 'Oversetteren.'


"Ibsen, Ibsen & love." About the theme 'love' in Ibsens dramas for youths 16-18. "Between the rock and a hard place." About the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway in 1905. Co-writing on a sit-com-pilot for TV in 2001. Co-writing on a play titled: "The legacy from Munich." A play about the mechanisms that made the evil of the nazi-regime possible.  


Between 1985 and 2004 I've been engaged  as actor at The Norwegian Theatre and The Nationaltheatre, also for (NRK) The Nowegian Broadcasting Company, various Film productions, Radio and commercial films.


Directing and writing plays for children 8-10 years. Historical enactments for various companies. Directing-engagements for smaller theatre groups.


Norweigian, (speech/reading/writing) fluently. 

English, (speech/reading/writing) fluently. 

Swedish, read/write.

Danish, read/write.

In addition:

Though, not my first priority I'vve also worked as a stage-hand an a light-technichian. Later on as Stage-master and Light-master, mainly for small theatre-groups.